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Alnico magnets

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 Alnico magnets
- Cast Alnico magnets, which are aluminum nickel-cobalt-iron alloys, are the most established and widely used permanent magnet materials. Because of their high flux density and superior temperature stability, cast magnets have been accepted in the widest range of application
- High hardness-cast magnets are machined mainly by grinding.
- Low temperature coefficient. Usable at relatively high ambient temperature with a minimum of Irreversible demagnetization.
- Effective usage of magnetic properties due to this materials ability to be magnetized after assembly in the magnetic circuit
- An extremely compact magnetic circuit is obtainable using high energy cast magnets with optimized structures.
- Speakers, microphones, telephones
- Micromotors
- Measuring instruments(Volt, Amp, speed-meter, watt-hour-meter)
- Flywheel generators (motor-cycles, farming machine)
- Others (Alarm devices, toys, etc.)
- Conversion magnets for TV or PC